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Refereed Articles and Book Chapters

Elçi, E., Kirişçioğlu, E., & Üstübici, A. (2021). How COVID-19 Financially Hit Displaced Urban Refugees? Evidence from an Online Survey with Citizens and Syrian Refugees in Turkey. Disasters. DOI: 10.1111/disa.12498

Çarkoğlu, A. & Elçi, E. (2021). Populist Attitudes Towards Syrian Refugees in Turkey. In E. Uslaner & N. Holtug (eds.), National Values and Social Cohesion. Colchester: ECPR Press.

Elçi, E. (2021). Politics of Nostalgia and Populism: Evidence from Turkey. British Journal of Political Science, doi:10.1017/S0007123420000666. 

Aytaç, S. E., Çarkoğlu, A., & Elçi, E. (2021). Partisanship, elite messages, and support for populism in power. European Political Science Review, 13(1), 23-39.

Elçi, E. (2019). The rise of populism in Turkey: a content analysis. Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, 19(3), 387-408.

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