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2023 Elections and Migration Debate in Turkey

Project Summary

This project will be the follow-up of the “Political Party Representation of Anti-Immigration Attitudes: The Case of Turkey” report, which maps political party positions in Turkey on the migration issue. The previous report analyzed 900 speeches of political party leaders using quantitative content analysis between 2011 and 2021. We have been conducting semi-structured interviews with political party officials to enrich our findings with qualitative data. However, as the 2023 elections approach, the results suggest continuing the research to capture how political parties frame the migration issue during the election period and the effect of the far-right anti-immigrant Victory Party’s entrance into politics.

Project Team

  • Ezgi Elçi (Principal Investigator)

  • Evren Balta (Senior Researcher)

  • Deniz Sert (Senior Researcher)

  • Mert Kılıç (Project Assistant)

  • Sıla Irmak Dalmızrak (Student Assistant)

  • Derya Kantarcıgil (Student Assistant)

  • Dide Sezer (Student Assistant)

  • Duru Sert (Project Intern)

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